Watching Beauty Sleep

dreamy rose‘Twas one small prick that stole your destiny

Entwined your heart in thorns for century

Beneath a curse you drifted off to sleep

Escaped into a dreamland dark and deep

But this enchantment has a simple clause

One true love’s kiss from prince will nightmare pause

At peace, enwrapped in blissful dreams you wait

Convinced that handsome prince will change your fate

But Charming’s smile has vanished from all sight

And long ago the clock did strike midnight

Alone upon your bier in soft repose

A beauty who puts shame to any rose

The sun does envy radiance so fair

The moon aspire to shimmer of your hair

With each soft breath from satin lips you call

Bold knight to rescue you from sandman’s thrall


Uncertain rogue, I stand at Beauty’s side

Shadowed in doubt that I am qualified

To dare with foolish kiss against the spell

Against sad tale that I might not untell

I am to you a phantom, undreamed of

Though tortured heartbeats ache with pain of love

A simple man, not royal but in heart

Who, humbled by your glory, cannot part

And if, with touch of lips, I bold oppose

The drowsy chains that bind you, Briar Rose

Would you, unmoved by me, refuse to wake

Or would you, with cold look, my heart forsake

Oh, if you could not waking share your grace

Your endless curse of sleep I would embrace

Asleep, and but all time a moment seem

Content to join my sleeping beauty’s dream