World Poetry Day 2016

I was hoping to catch a free coffee today, World Poetry Day, thanks to the “Pay With A Poem” program, but no coffee houses nearby were participating, which lead me to scribble down some angry verses I’ve posted below.

Happy World Poetry Day!

I’d like a cup of coffee, if you please
As black and bitter as my angry soul
A steaming mug to grant me sweet release
Not grand or vente, pour it in a bowl

I’ll drown myself in caffeine’s painful buzz
And burn my mouth to silence my complaints
Sit quiet, my pen scribbling, just because
I must expunge myself of life’s cruel taints

And when I’ve drank it down I’ll get refill
To drive my ragged heartbeat fit to burst
Who needs to sleep? Inspired I sit and spill
For with this babbling brain I am sweet cursed

To know this truth is poet’s heavy load
You cannot pay for coffee with an ode