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Facebook has a new Terms of Service agreement that gives them full rights to any content you post there forever. Seems like a total rip to me. Be interesting to see how this shakes out as I can’t believe they’ll find a way to defend this stance for very long.

Currently, my blog is re-published via the Notes feature in Facebook to my Facebook account. Wonder if that means they own it? Hard to believe that would hold up in court….

Ships and Dip V – Christine Fellows

Back to the music from Ships and Dip V — lest you think it was all distorted electic guitar-based rock, here’s some quirky music from Christine Fellows. I found I really liked her music because, in an odd fit of synaesthesia, I find it very visual. Like listening to it makes me see a movie in my head. (See my post on Oliver Sacks book, Musicophilia, to find out more about this kind of thing.)

Christine is actually behind the piano in this clip, so you don’t get to see her. She’s briefly joined on the stage in clip 2 by her husband, John Samson of the distorted electric guitar-based band, “The Weakerthans”, of whom we will hear and see more later.


Henson Exhibit at the Orlando History Center

Yeah, I know…you read the title and said “Orlando has a History Center?” Yes, indeed it does. The Orlando History Center is nestled downtown in a historic old courthouse building and is a gem of a find for a local sick of roller coasters and dacing hippos.

From Orlando History Center

Natasha and I went there this weekend to see the Jim Henson’s Fantastic World exhibit that’s showing until May 3. I had hoped to post some pics from the exhibit, but the Muppets asked for a little peace from cameras. Besides, if you learned how to count in Spanish or your alphabet from Sesame Street, then you really want to go see this exhibit. On the one hand, it’s a trip down memory lane to see all of the Muppet wisdom and comedy that were the building blocks of my education.  Seeing things like The King of 8 really took me back to the very beginnings of the formation of my education.

You know, call me dumb, but I never really got the “Sesame Street was brought to you today by, the number 7, and the letter K” at the end of every episode. I mean, I got it was a spin on the whole sponsor thing, but in the exhibit, they point out that it was a creative TV person who looked at the children of that day and realized they were learning more from commercials on TV than from their busy parents. She set out to take the commercial format and harness it to teach kids things they needed to know. Like how to count. And she enlisted Jim Henson because up to that point he was best-known for making engaging commercials with puppets. So subtly, all those short films in Sesame Street were commercials for education.

Soaking up the concentrated career of Jim Henson, it’s amazing to see all he did and to realize he was just one of those people, those leaders who was always out there trying to push the next big thing, like Walt Disney and George Lucas. I was especially taken by looking at the concept art on display for Dark Crystal, with how many of the artistic memes there have become a staple of the fantasy movie and video game genre. I looked at some of them and felt like I was looking at World of Warcraft concept art. Henson’s work really was great inspiration for the artists of today.

The History Center is well worth a spin for the other exhibits there, too. I mean how much do you know about John Young, or Dr. Phillips, or all those other place names you pass by every day? Take an afternoon and realize that there’s more to Central Florida history than Walt setting up stakes here.

One other note on the Henson exhibit, there’s a link on the history center web site to an MP3 tour of the exhbit that you can pop on your iPod and use to guide you through. It’s a bit hard to follow, because there are some numbers missing from the exhibit that are mentioned in the audio tour, but it’s well worth listening to for the interviews and commentary.

Ships and Dip V – Butterfly Boucher Part 2

Here’s another video from the Pool Deck show Butterfly Boucher did on Ships and Dip V. Totally rocking song called “Gun For A Tongue” from her new album scaryfragile. (At least I think the title is all run together like that. It kind of looks that way on the album cover.)

Right at the end of this song you’ll see this flurry of activity as the techs try and get her off the stage because there was some fairly scary looking lightning in the area. Butterfly did a great job of scooting everyone off to safer places. She later said she felt kind of bad about mentioning people could go buy her album, but really, if you’re a musician, you got to sell your record. (And I’d already bought it the first moment I set eyes on it on the ship.)

Enjoy the rocking…


Ships and Dip V – Butterfly Boucher

Every year after the cruise, Sixthman, the cruise organizer, asks who we want to see on the cruise. Natasha and I kept asking for Butterfly Boucher. We saw Butterfly open for BnL once, totally acoustic, and just thought she was amazing! We were so happy to get to hear her again live on the cruise, and also to be able to pick up her new CD, Scary Fragile (look for it on Amazon soon — it was the CD release party on the ship).

Here’s some video of Butterfly I dropped on YouTube. If anybody videod her performances with Sarah McLachlan on the cruise (they weren’t supposed to, but I saw a lot of it going on), do check it out. The audience SHOT out of their seats on the last note of the final song they did and gave a huge standing ovation! It was really, really beautiful.

This song isn’t on either of Butterfly’s albums, btw, but still a good one. I have more video of her coming in the future.


Ships and Dip V – Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies Sings A New Song

One of the great treats Natasha and I got on Ships and Dip V as “Triple Dippers” (meaning we’ve been on all three BnL cruises) is tickets to the two Songwriters Panels held on the ship. During the panel, a group of artists talk about their music and get to perform it acoustic-like. Sometimes you get to hear an interesting story, other times you get to hear a different take on a song, or something new.

Ed Robertson of BnL performed a new song for us on the cruise, and here’s the YouTubeage.


Ships and Dip V Totally RAWKED!!!

Ships and Dip V was really, really awesome!!!

From Ships and Dip V

For those of you uninitiated, Ships and Dip V is the, rather inaccurately named, third cruise in the Ships and Dip series, created by the Barenaked Ladies band and the tour operator extraordinaire, Sixthman. It’s a floating musical festival, featuring BnL and their favorite musical groups as well as comedians and other entertainment. And, um, a naked photo.

(It’s okay, you can go google naked photo. Neither Natasha or I were in it this year or any other year, owing mostly to not being able to get our naked butts out of bed in time on the second day of the cruise. Oh yeah, and also because of creepy people like you who would go out and google it! But really, you probably don’t want to see it. At least not hi-rez. It’s not Playboy or anything. It’s at least partially people who unabashedly enjoy cruise buffets.)

But enough of that. Onto the music. BnL rocked as usual. Before the cruise, I worried, I’ll admit. It has not been the best year for BnL, with Steven arrested for drug possession. Ed crashed his plane. And, to my mind, the band just sounded kind of negative when they were on stage together during S&D III. Not exactly mad at each other, but not on the same frequency.

My fears were allayed from the moment I stepped up to the line where they take your boarding photo. Just past the photo area, was that Steven Page waiting to greet us? Looking snappy? In a suit? Clean-shaven (unlike the shaggy beard he sported last year). And looking amazingly trim? So much so I didn’t even recognize him at first. We walked up and shook his hand and said we were happy to see him. We kept running into him throughout the cruise and he just seemed really, really happy. And his performance onstage was amazing! So full of vitality! It made me very happy to see him so happy, considering all he had been through.

From Ships and Dip V

The talent on the ship was amazing, and I’m going to talk more about that in later posts devoted to the artists we got to see. Natasha and I were really excited because Butterfly Boucher was on the ship; we saw her open for BnL a while ago and had been suggesting her for Ships and Dip for the last two cruises. She was awesome, and I was really excited on the very first night at the merch shop that her new CD was available. (Her CD was delayed for a long time due to legal hassles with the label she left.) She’s also very photogenic.

From Ships and Dip V

You can check out the pics at my Picasaweb site, and I’ll have some YouTube video up shortly. I don’t have a tremendous amount of video, because I felt like I watched too much of the cruise through a viewfinder. But I still got some great performances from the event.

I can’t say enough about how much fun I had, so you’ll be hearing about it for a while. Thanks to BnL, Sixthman, and all the performers on the cruise for rocking us on the ocean!