Ships and Dip V – Butterfly Boucher Part 2

Here’s another video from the Pool Deck show Butterfly Boucher did on Ships and Dip V. Totally rocking song called “Gun For A Tongue” from her new album scaryfragile. (At least I think the title is all run together like that. It kind of looks that way on the album cover.)

Right at the end of this song you’ll see this flurry of activity as the techs try and get her off the stage because there was some fairly scary looking lightning in the area. Butterfly did a great job of scooting everyone off to safer places. She later said she felt kind of bad about mentioning people could go buy her album, but really, if you’re a musician, you got to sell your record. (And I’d already bought it the first moment I set eyes on it on the ship.)

Enjoy the rocking…

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