Weighty Updates

I’ve been thinking about writing an update about my success in reducing my weight by reducing the carbs in my diet, an idea I got from reading Gary Taubes’ Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It. Today seemed like a good day since there are some other updates I can point to as well.

I’m down 20 pounds since early February, when I started the program. I feel really positive about eating the way I do, except for the fact that most of my clothes are now falling off me, which means I had to spend some money on new pants and belts. I’m curious about my cholesterol numbers, but my physical isn’t for a few months thanks to how busy doctors are. Hopefully the numbers will be good. I certainly feel like the numbers will be better than they have been in the past.

On cholesterol, it’s interesting that Mr. Taubes published his cholesterol numbers on his blog today, as well as a description of what he eats. Take a peek and be surprised.

Taubes also has an article on sugars in the N.Y. Times that’s an interesting read.

For myself, I was so fascinated by the “Why We’re Fat” book, that I embarked on reading his Good Calories, Bad Calories book, which is 500 pages of history and science and is just as fascinating. I recommend it if you’re interested deeply in science and science history, since you get a detailed account of how digestion works, as well as a fascinating look at the politics of scientific studies. Seriously, science is not that far from religion in terms of how closed-minded it can make people.

And by the way, turkey pepperoni just sucks.


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