Did Anyone See a Blog Around Here?

I swear, I used to have a blog around here somewhere. Probably lost under all this Facebook, Twitter, and various other social media stuff. I actually meant to update it recently, being as it was my birthday, and I was on vacation, and I had some really deep insights into the meaning of life and stuff, but then something shiny kind of zipped by and all of a sudden I had a new car (Honda Fit) and I was back at work trying to figure out where all my free time was.

Yes, you did hear right…new car. I really loved my 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid. It felt so green, despite the fact that it was blue. But it developed an ABS chip problem that was draining the battery. And when I looked back through my phonebook sized stack of warranty work (including replacing the hybrid battery pack), I realized that the same ABS chip problem precipitated months of regular trips to the dealership. Even my wife, as she shuffled through the pages in the stack sorting them, finally said, “Um, do you REALLY want to fix this clunker on your own dime?”

So we spent a few days of our vacation on car stuff. What Natasha calls my “most expensive birthday present ever.” But, in looking at the maintenance schedule for the Fit, it’s going to be a LOT cheaper to maintain than the hybrid. And it doesn’t have that gremlin guy from the Bugs Bunny cartoon under the hood with his little hammer.

Now that I’ve actually found this blog again, I think I might try to upgrade the look some. I’ve been meaning to finally get around to posting some more bad poetry and stuff. Hmmm…you might want to consider deleting your bookmarks…

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