Will Ferrell Takes A Dump On My Childhood – Land of the Lost

Why, oh why are they making a movie of Land of the Lost with Will Ferrell being a total ass?

The TV series was probably just about my favorite show of all time. Dinosaurs. Time travel. Dimensional hopping. Deep science fiction. Crystals. Ape people. Fantasy. Sleestak that scared the crap out of me, for crying out loud! It was truly a mind-stretching experience for a young person interested in fantasy and science fiction.

If you watch the trailer with the sound off, it’s beautiful. It looks like something I would have drooled to see, minus Will Ferrell and the lame ass assistants of his.  (And I’m NOT linking to the trailer. Google it, if you want. I’m pissed at the moviemakers.) The effects are gorgeous. The shot of all the Sleestak made me jump out of my seat and cheer. And then I went back to brooding about what a total piece of drek they were turning out. It’s just like Eddie Murphy and The Haunted Mansion — we could have had a great movie, instead we got a vehicle for a star with a lack of respect for the original material.

The series is great. Natasha bought me the DVDs for Christmas and we devoured them. I highly recommend going back and watching them and wondering about what might have been.

One thought on “Will Ferrell Takes A Dump On My Childhood – Land of the Lost

  1. I loved the series too, but I am actually looking . forward to the movie. I think it looks pretty funny. It is just a movie…first amendment etc.

    It will be okay Keith. Nothing can be as bad as Eddie in the Haunted Mansion( at least I pray not.) Oh well, I look forward to watching the original series with my kids. Can i borrow your DVDs? hehehe


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