Disney Adds The Magic of LEDs to the Castle

My wife found a really kewl article about how Walt Disney World Resort is now using environmentally friendly LEDs to light the castle.

From the article:

In the end, Walt Disney World Entertainment replaced a total of 34
arc-source fixtures with 74 five-watt LED fixtures, cutting the total
power requirements by at least 40 percent (in white light) and by as
much as 90 percent or more in a primary color.

I’d really love to move to using LEDs at home, so I wish these CCrane bulbs were a bit cheaper. Ok…a LOT cheaper. But I really like the light quality of LEDs in general, so someday I’m going to switch. I actually paid a premium to use the earliest flourescent lamp bulbs in my living room lamps almost 15 years ago when I bought my house. They lasted until a couple of years ago, just about the time compact fluorescents were starting to catch on. So I’m thinking it’s time to switch over to LEDs since everyone has CFs now….

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