Listening: Harvey Danger, “Little By Little”

C’mon, you all know it…Flagpole Sitta

I wanna publish scenes
And rage against machines
I wanna pierce my tongue
It doesn’t hurt it feels fine

It’s funny, when we were on Ships and Dip 3, we went to the Harvey Danger show, and they were sort of reluctant to play the song. Well, maybe not reluctant, but you could tell they’d played it a billion times and they really wanted to play other stuff.

And well they should! They’re an amazing band. When we went to see them in the main theater of the ship, there was a moment where Sean, the lead singer (who is sick of being called Harvey) stepped out from behind the mic and BELTED! He was amazing. His voice filled the hall and it was like sitting there watching a chubby, male Andrea McCardle singing the hell out of the songs from Annie!.

They’re an awesome group with a really wide repotoire and it really shows in their latest release, Little By Little. Ranging from grungy pop to some things that sound like broadway show tunes.

And you can get it for free from their web site.

If you like it, support them with a donation or by buying the physical CD. In these tough economic times, you can’t beat that kind of deal.

Here’s a sample from Ships and Dip 3:

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