New LOST Internet Game…and it’s Cheatable

Are you a raving LOST fan? Have you run out of people who want to hear your theories about how the island is really a projection into our universe by a hyperintelligent transdimensional race and was once mistaken for Atlantis? I know I have!

Never fear! The LOST crew is out there with yet another alternate reality game, in the form of the website:

It’s just the kind of maddening, quasi-canonical thing I’ve come to expect from the LOST folks. Themed after the scientific-religious hippie group, the Dharma Initiative, which is reforming and wants you as a recruit. So far, you have to answer a bizarre, somewhat non-sequitarish psychological profile to sign up, and then, you get a logic puzzle!

Great thing about the logic puzzle is, there’s a cheat to allow you to remove the time limit. Just punch the space bar as the game begins and you’ll be able to lock the timer.

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