Does Your Night Elf Need A Date? Try

Hey, WoW players are hot, if I do say so myself
Hey, WoW players are hot, if I do say so myself

This ones for all my single friends who play World of Warcraft. Discovered the other day that there is a dating site for World of Warcraft players — I know, I know. You’re picturing pasty white goth chicks who have known more twinkies than other human beings. But, at least with the cursory look I gave it, the chicks on the site seemed fairly hot.

If you ask me, WoW girlz appear to be the sexiest gamers I have seen. Of course, I didn’t grow up with ready access to the Internet, so I have no clue about just how true the pictures on Internet dating sites might be. I had to meet people in person. Oy!

And hey, I mean, at least you might find someone to play the game with…

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