Alaska Cruise, Day One

Natasha and I are shaking the snow of the Alaskan glaciers off after shipping out for a week of Alaskan cruising on the bonny ship Carnival Spirit. I just finished posting pictures from the first day on our Picasa site.

Visiting the last great American wilderness was awe inspiring! Truly, Alaska is an amazing place. Very early on in our trek, I realized I could just point the camera randomly, press the shutter, and take an amazing photograph. Visitors to Alaska are surrounded in natural beauty. And I found the people of Alaska to very much appreciate the natural beauty and wonder of their “home” state. (I use quotes on home, since many of our tour guides lived part-time in Alaska, and might not have been official residents, but you could tell they still felt a powerful ownership of that wonderful place.)

The first set of pictures in mainly of Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada, where our ship departed civilization. It’s a pretty city that is undergoing massive construction in order to prepare for the upcoming Winter Olympics. Just like our voyage, the really majestic pictures are coming later. I’ve geo-tagged some of the pictures in Google Earth if you want to see them on a map. (There’s a button to see the map on the Picasa web page.)

Between Natasha and I we took like 2000 pictures. (Seriously…2000… Thank goodness for digital cameras! The processing fees would have bankrupted me!) I’m going to weed through those to find the best and post them. I started filtering some of them during the cruise, but there were more and more good ones!

Enjoy! More to come….

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