World of Warcraft News: Death Knights and Achievements

Detailed info on the Death Knight class has gone live on the World of Warcraft site.

Interesting to me is that in the lore section (I’m a story nerd…so I actually skip the stats and go straight to the story), they actually mention the Death Knights from the newest WoW novels, which are orc spirits which have been given a comfy home inside raised human bodies. Odd thought, that I could create a gnome Death Knight (and I will, just to annoy people), and then role play the character as an angst-ridden orc spirit who was trapped in this tiny, puny body. GRRRRR!

And yes, they’re adding achievements to the game. Really, it’s just to give you a pretty screen to stare at and go, “Yep, I really DID kill Hogger!” Or, “I really did visit all those areas on the map.” Um, woo hoo.

Still, ther are supposed to be some fun achievements that will get you some kind of minor rewards like pets and such, so, yeah, I will probably be doing them.

If I sound a little sarcastic about them, it’s because I still remember in Star Wars Galaxies, visiting all the Points on Interest I could find, in the hopes of being able to unlock a Jedi character. That whole system was soooo stupid! That said, I think I was soooo close to unlocking a Jedi.

No, really… ;P

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