More On Steven Page’s Arrest

EDIT 7/17 10:20 ET – Looks like the photo stream mentioned below has been secured.

I was reading some of the fan boards today and it’s amazing just how Google and Flikr have really made everyone’s life more public.

Yeah, not feeling positive about the “exonerated on all charges” statement now. I hope Steven can straighten out his life. It’s sad to see him mixed up in all this. Hopefully the band can get through this. They seem like a pretty tight group, although, as I was saying, on the last cruise they seemed to have a kind of distance between them that I hadn’t seen before. I distinctly remember Steven kind of seeming just a tiny bit at odds with other band members. There was something mentioned about how he and Kevin had a fist-fight because Kevin wouldn’t introduce him to Lou Reed. Originally, I thought it was a joke, but they were so serious about it, I wasn’t sure.

Steven Page on Ships and Dip 3
Steven Page on Ships and Dip 3

With any luck, Steven will find a way to get through all this. Seems like a bit of a rock star mid-life crisis. I suppose I shouldn’t feel disappointed, knowing the music industry is what it is, but I can’t say it doesn’t bug me. But I want to see Steve rise above what I would call stupidity and move on, as so many other artists have done.  Good luck, Steve. Good luck, BNL…

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