My Birthday at the Adventurer’s Club

Have I mentioned I think it’s really beyond silly that Disney is closing the Adventurer’s Club?

Natasha and I went on Sunday night and had an absolute blast. It helped that SOMEONE told Sugar Snap the maid about my birthday. Sugar made me a limited edition pin (complete with hidden Mickey — can you find it, below?), and a coffee filter hat. Along with my very own sealed-for-my-protection spoon (in Mickey Mouse black) and several Disney pens. And during the Rhythm Ritual at the end of the night I got my very own maid’s panties salute. Yep, nothing better on your birthday. Thanks, Sugar!

My birthday pin

Oh, and I must mention…Hathaway Browne is my hero. Someday, I want to be the handsome club aviator that gets all the chicks just like him.

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