My LOLCat, Starring Sam and Pumpkin

I created this LOLCat for the SPCA of Central Florida Meow March event.

Sam and Pumpkin search for change.

Sam, the orange cat coming out of the couch, really likes to crawl into our couch as his private retreat when he wants to sleep. We call it his “Sam Cave” (kinda’ like the batcave.) I just had to wait patiently when I knew he would be coming out, to get this pic. Pumpkin is occasionally fascinated with Sam’s spelunking antics and she jumped up right before the shot.

If you live in Central Florida and love animals, the SPCA of Central Florida is a great place to find a friend, and a worthy cause to donate to. We got Sam there, and he’s a great cat. I think he learned a lot of his manners and his affection towards humans from the people at the SPCA.

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