New Proposed Canadian Copyright Law Sucks

So, I can make a copy of my media for every device I own, but NOT if I have to break the encryption placed on it to do it. *SIGH* When will the powers that be in the entertainment industry realize that if they made it simple and cheap for me to move my content around, they could save millions to billions on what they are spending to build walls with giant gaping holes in them. Not to mention the millions they would save wining and dining politicians to write crappy legislation like this.

Why not just write a law that says, “If you purchased it, you can enjoy the content on any device you own. But you can’t give it to anyone else (save for immediate family members, say, as Natasha and I live under the same roof and share media). If we find out you gave something to someone else, or shared it via a P2P network or something, then you owe us.” Seems that simple. Don’t steal content.

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