Dungeons and Dragons Game Day (4th Edition)

So, Saturday was National Dungeons and Dragons game day, and also the premiere of the 4th edition of the game. I took the time the day after (because I was busy with Star Wars Weekends the day before) to check out the quick start rules for the new edition in the first module released for it.

First module for 4th Edition

I have to say, I kind of like the new edition of the game. It’s slick and simplified, plays a helluva lot like a computer RPG, and really focuses on the players as heroes, as opposed to a first level character being food for rats. I also like that they’ve dumped the memorized spell system, so that wizards aren’t the “Wham! Bam! Can I rest and regain spells now?” characters they used to be.

I’ll write more about it as a I get to know the system better. If you’re interested in hearing what the game sounds like, check out the podcast the folks from Wizards, Penny Arcade, and PVP are doing.

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