Hot As Mustafar, Star Wars Weekends Blasts Off!

Well, it’s now the volcanically hot month of June in Florida, the skies are smoky from wildfires (though I don’t quite feel like I need Darth Vader’s iron lung suit, as of yet) and Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios have rocketed out of the gate in a big way.

This week was the Fett Fete, with Jeremy Bulloch and Daniel Logan chatting with the ever brilliant host Warwick Davis.

Have to say I’m really liking the new sets at Disney that the characters have for pictures this year. Being able to take a pic with Darth Maul in front of the Theed Generator Hallway is very kewl — especially as the new sets are 3D and not just a cloth backdrop.

There’s also some great preview material of the new “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” animated feature / series, including the opportunity to meet Jedi padawan Ahsoka Tano. I wasn’t that excited about the new series, mostly because I’m sort of turned off by the “Thunderbirds” puppets inspired character design, but having seen one of the action sequences at the “Behind the Force” show at SWW, I’m feeling a bit more like it will be a fun Star Wars experience, kind of akin to the comics, which I have always liked for their fast action and simple character development. (Which makes them much more like the original films than the Expanded Universe novels.)

Check out the pics below.

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