Expedition:EVEREST Preview

Click Here To Play Everest Video

Credits! The music in this video is from Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire soundtrack, a track called “The Leviathan”.

I got a great preview of the Expedition:EVEREST attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom a few weeks ago, and I have been busting to get something on the site about it, because I think it’s an incredible attraction. I haven’t ridden it, but I did get to hear the storyline and see the attraction close-up. I have to say, I think this ride is going to be one of my favorites. The storyline is rich, making the attraction more than just a coaster. It’s got an 80 foot drop, a giant Yeti, and a top speed of around 50 mph, but more than anything it’s got an exciting story that I think will really immerse you in the world of the attraction.

(By the way, a caveat here…I do work for Disney, but I am not in marketing.) =)

You can see pictures I took (after the preview I got, since we weren’t allowed to take any on the backstage tour) in the gallery.