Star Wars Weekends 2005, Week 3

Guests this week at a theme park far, far away were the multitalented Droid Unit Supervisor from ILM Don Bies and everyone’s favorite Ew0k, Leprechaun, and just a real kewl guy, Warwick Davis.

Don was a great guest, especially since he brought along a friend…

Don’s truly a multi-talented guy with a great sense of humor, as you can tell from the clip above. If you’ve seen “Beneath the Dome”, you also know he’s a pretty talented writer/director. He’s also yet another proof that the people who make these movies really are fans of Star Wars! Don was the guy who cleaned out the closets at Lucasfilm. He was hired to go through the archives and figure out what was in all those closets at the Ranch. What a great job, to get to go through all of the props and stuff that were being stored from the original “Star Wars” trilogy.

Warwick had a little something to say about playing the Star Wars: Battlefront video game.

Warwick is always a great guest to have at the events. Even the Star Wars Weekends hosts (Lisa and Arnie, who do a WONDERFUL job themselves) were telling Warwick what big fans they were. One thing Warwick said, to expand upon all the notions flying around about the Star Wars TV series, was that he would love to play a villain in the series. I, for one, hope he gets to make his mark on yet another part of the saga. He’s great fun to watch, a great actor, and a good friend to the fans.

Some pictures from “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Play It! The Star Wars Edition” in the gallery, too. If you get a chance, the show is great fun. Each of the first two shows features a Star Wars character, and the celebrity guests occasionally stop by to visit and open the show. And hey, if you’re a Star Wars fan (who, unlike me, doesn’t work for the company that produces the show) you might even win a spectacular Disney Cruise. So drop by and see if you are a Star Wars trivia master!

More from Star Wars Weekends next weekend!