Programs You HAVE To Have, Part II

Two more programs no computer owner should be without are Spybot Search and Destroy and AdAware.

Both of these programs remove spyware and adware and immunize your system against future attacks. Spybot adds a bunch of handy features for checking your registry to see what’s loading in startup and the Add Remove Programs list in Windows Control Panel.

Quite frankly, Spybot is one of the best protection programs I have ever used and I recommend it to everyone who has a computer that is connected to the Internet. AdAware is a nice companion program to Spybot, for those times when you have a nasty program that Spybot can’t seem to get rid of. (I had a PC that had 60 or so pieces of mal-ware from, and one just wouldn’t leave, though Spybot saw it and was trying to get rid of it. I finally loaded up AdAware and that took care of the problem.)

So hey, get these programs and…let’s be careful out there.