Star Wars Weekends, Week 2 up!

“Star Wars Weekends” continues at the Disney-MGM Studios and I have even more pics for you this week! Check out Jerome Blake, who played tons of characters in Episode I & II and does an excellent Darth Vader imitation. He told this joke in his “Legends of the Force” interview:

Darth Vader walks onto the bridge of the Death Star and declares, “I know what Luke Skywalker is getting for Christmas!”

His officers look at him, aghast! “How can you know, my Lord?!”

“I have felt his presents…..”

Also this week, larger than life Peter Mayhew, who plays the mighty Chewbacca joins us! He’s got a part in Episode III and he mentioned that he hadn’t yet filmed it. Be on the lookout for that on the Hyperspace webcam perhaps!

So enjoy the pics! I had lots of fun taking them for ya!