Listening: Vagiant “Seven”

If you’ve played Rock Band or Guitar Hero, you’ve probably heard a band called Vagiant. They’re a bunch of tatooed chicks from Boston, rocking a pretty incredible punk style.

I bought their CD a few months ago, after falling in love with the “Seven” when I played it on Rock Band. I love the lyrics especially, because it’s basically about a person having a good breakup with someone.

This is a warning
To everyone who thinks that I’m in mourning
You know they’re wrong in fact
I’m reassuring you that I’ll be true
Won’t let no one mess with you tonight

Included in the package was a really nice note from the band. Made me feel good to be buying a CD from someone, instead of some crappy DRMed files from iTunes. (Although, I think you can get their music from iTunes if you prefer crappy DRMed music.)

You can catch a listen to their music or buy their album from their MySpace site.

(Be aware, there’s another group named Vagiant out there that’s a lot different than these ladies.)