Ships and Dip V – Mike Evin

I don’t have a lot of video of Mike Evin, but it’s not because I didn’t enjoy his performances. Nay, to the contrary. It is exactly because I enjoyed his performances that I don’t have a lot of video. You see, Mike is kind of like…well…the Bill Nye the Science Guy of music. Or something. What I mean is, he’s the kind of person who makes it easy for others to get involved in what he’s passionate about.

It’s quite evident, when you watch him perform that he loves what he does. And that love, that passion for music, is infective. And Mike seems to know it. Mike knows what all good live performers know — that the performance involves the audience. You want people to clap, sing, hum, move. And he actually goes ahead and orchestrates it. He arranges the audience into the performance. And we love it! Which is why I put my video camera down and got involved.

Here’s he and the Brothers Creeggan and Tyler Stewart (from BnL) performing his song, “We Should Dance.” (Which encapsulates quite well, I think, his philosophy of music.) Oh yea, and us, the audience, helping out.