My Next Degree…from “LOST” University

Comic-Con coverage of the “LOST” panel starts tomorrow, but in advance, they’ve released some rich and juicy web site goodness in support of the Season 5 BluRay / DVD release. Earn a degree in the themes and mysteries of the show from Lost University. Or watch the classic ABC TV show, Mysteries of the Universe and learn about the hidden agenda behind the Dharma Initiative.

Just watch out for polar bears and black smoke…

New LOST Internet Game…and it’s Cheatable

Are you a raving LOST fan? Have you run out of people who want to hear your theories about how the island is really a projection into our universe by a hyperintelligent transdimensional race and was once mistaken for Atlantis? I know I have!

Never fear! The LOST crew is out there with yet another alternate reality game, in the form of the website:

It’s just the kind of maddening, quasi-canonical thing I’ve come to expect from the LOST folks. Themed after the scientific-religious hippie group, the Dharma Initiative, which is reforming and wants you as a recruit. So far, you have to answer a bizarre, somewhat non-sequitarish psychological profile to sign up, and then, you get a logic puzzle!

Great thing about the logic puzzle is, there’s a cheat to allow you to remove the time limit. Just punch the space bar as the game begins and you’ll be able to lock the timer.