Ships and Dip V – Gaelic Storm “Beggerman” and Into the Pool

No one knows how to end a show like Gaelic Storm. First show, on the pool deck, and how do they top their crowd surfing from last year? They crowd surf INTO the pool. Awesome!

We actually saw Gaelic Storm the week before the cruise and asked Jessie Burns, the fiddler, if she was going to crowd surf this year, since she demurred last year. She said “Oh, no. I’ve heard from some other female artists that it’s just not a good idea.” In the interim, seems she changed her mind. If she needs to sue anybody…I got the video. =)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

Ships and Dip V – Gaelic Storm “Born to be a Bachelor”

Well, as St. Patrick’s Day approaches, it seems only fitting to post some Ships and Dip V videos from a band that is led by someone who will someday be the Patron Saint of Liver Disease, Patrick Murphy. By the end of the cruise, Patrick complained he had “broken his liver”, but I like to think he sacrificed his liver so that those of us with weaker constitutions could still actually do things like walk, hear the music, and breathe.

Here, Gaelic Storm performs “Born to be a Bachelor” on the first night of the cruise, which was also Super Bowl Sunday. The band pulled a big crowd, proving that American football sucks compared to good music.

Ships and Dip V – Gaelic Storm and Great Big Sea at Bar City

I know, you’re saying to yourself, “How could you improve on something called “Bar City”? Especially when you’re on a cruise and you don’t have to drive home?

Why mix in Gaelic Storm, a bit of Great Big Sea, and a ton of folks having a good time! This isn’ t the best video quality, since it was taken at low rez on a digital still camera, but it gives you the idea of why, when someone says, “Hey, Gaelic Storm is down in Bar City tonight, and the guys from Great Big Sea might show up,” you want to actually put on your pants and head down there. It’s a fantastic, crazy time, and you feel wonderfully good afterwards for hours.