World Poetry Day 2016

I was hoping to catch a free coffee today, World Poetry Day, thanks to the “Pay With A Poem” program, but no coffee houses nearby were participating, which lead me to scribble down some angry verses I’ve posted below.

Happy World Poetry Day!

I’d like a cup of coffee, if you please
As black and bitter as my angry soul
A steaming mug to grant me sweet release
Not grand or vente, pour it in a bowl

I’ll drown myself in caffeine’s painful buzz
And burn my mouth to silence my complaints
Sit quiet, my pen scribbling, just because
I must expunge myself of life’s cruel taints

And when I’ve drank it down I’ll get refill
To drive my ragged heartbeat fit to burst
Who needs to sleep? Inspired I sit and spill
For with this babbling brain I am sweet cursed

To know this truth is poet’s heavy load
You cannot pay for coffee with an ode


Catching Feelings

catchingfeelingsThat gaze that lingered heartbeat’s length too long
For comfort. Then we turned aside to find
A warmth within, a ringing like a song
As we in hearts’ disease became entwined

My symptoms: racing pulse, I ache with pain
Through sleepless nights of restless toss and turn
Delirious desire suffuse each vein
Consumed by fevered thoughts of you I burn

By longing in your eyes I diagnose
The epidemic rampant claims you, too
Shared smile, an analgesic, in small dose
The only antidote is love’s kiss true

Oh, love, how like a virus, that is sure
To suffer it as one the only cure

Fifty Shades of Red Riding Hood

Don’t stray too far from beaten pathRed and the Wolf
Warned parents, ruddy fools
But underneath my scarlet cap
I lust to break the rules

So with my apple basket full
Of burgundy and bread
I claimed I’d go to Granny’s house
But left the path instead

Dark forest might be fearsome place
Where wild things do prowl
But madder call of the blood moon
Inflames my need to howl

Soon tawny wolf came sniffing round
All flushed with hunger’s heat
With foxy wink he asked me if
I’d like to share my treat

With ginger toss of Titian curls
I gave a subtle brush
Whilst just beneath vermilion rouge
I burned with cerise blush

Undaunted wolf offered bouquet
Rose and coquelicot
Intoxicated by their scent
I felt my heart let go

I beat the bricks to Granny’s place
In my slick ruby pumps
My skin beneath my crimson cloak
A-tingle with goosebumps

I knew the wolf would follow me
O’er river and through wood
And so I took the shortest cut
To granny’s neighborhood

Now Granny’s off on holiday
She’s left an empty flat
And I know that for the mailman
The key’s under the mat

All florid from my blazing run
I slipped on Gran’s nightdress
And slid under puce comforter
Where she does convalesce

‘fore long that wolf came sniffing at
My granny’s rosewood door
With bloody rare persistence of
An ardent carnivore

With passion in my sultry voice
I told him to come in
Afire, he stalked up to the bed
And gave big toothy grin

“Why, Granny,” said the sanguine wolf,
“You have such bedroom eyes!”
“I gaze on handsome wolf,” I said,
“It’s hardly a surprise.”

“Sweet Granny, you’ve raspberry lips
So fresh I’d like to taste!”
“Oh wolfie,” I said, with a pout,
“Don’t let them go to waste.”

“Oh, Granny, your come-hither smile
Has roseate bright glow!”
“Dear wolfie, come lie next to me
My furry Romeo.”

I bid the wolf lie down with me
And stroked his auburn coat
Then showed I was tomato fresh
And not just some old goat

“Oh, Wolfie, what big paws you have,
I know that you’re the one,
Oh, slide aside my rosy hood
And show me that pink tongue”

He made me cry wolf many times
Before he ever came
I guess I’ve just got what it takes
The savage beast to tame

I later dressed as lumberjack
It was more than okay
There’s nothing Red likes better than
A little hot role-play

And when we’d had our fill of fun
I did not feel marooned
We cuddled in a warm embrace
In glow of love full-spooned

I know to seek eternal love
Should be my cardinal rule
My folly is this carnal ache
A fevered pull most cruel

They say good girls stay on the path
And keep safe and secure
But I don’t fear being eaten and
Adventure has allure

While moral claims a gentle wolf
Most dangerous of all
I say go find that sweet, bad wolf
To help enjoy wild’s call

Watching Beauty Sleep

dreamy rose‘Twas one small prick that stole your destiny

Entwined your heart in thorns for century

Beneath a curse you drifted off to sleep

Escaped into a dreamland dark and deep

But this enchantment has a simple clause

One true love’s kiss from prince will nightmare pause

At peace, enwrapped in blissful dreams you wait

Convinced that handsome prince will change your fate

But Charming’s smile has vanished from all sight

And long ago the clock did strike midnight

Alone upon your bier in soft repose

A beauty who puts shame to any rose

The sun does envy radiance so fair

The moon aspire to shimmer of your hair

With each soft breath from satin lips you call

Bold knight to rescue you from sandman’s thrall


Uncertain rogue, I stand at Beauty’s side

Shadowed in doubt that I am qualified

To dare with foolish kiss against the spell

Against sad tale that I might not untell

I am to you a phantom, undreamed of

Though tortured heartbeats ache with pain of love

A simple man, not royal but in heart

Who, humbled by your glory, cannot part

And if, with touch of lips, I bold oppose

The drowsy chains that bind you, Briar Rose

Would you, unmoved by me, refuse to wake

Or would you, with cold look, my heart forsake

Oh, if you could not waking share your grace

Your endless curse of sleep I would embrace

Asleep, and but all time a moment seem

Content to join my sleeping beauty’s dream