Star Wars Weekends, Week 1

A short while ago, in a galaxy just next door….

It is a period of fun. Fan vehicles, striking from all over the country have descended on the Disney/MGM Studios Theme Park at the WALT DISNEY WORLD� Resort for Star Wars Weekends 2004!

Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett), Jake Lloyd (Anakin Skywalker, Episode I), and a huge cast of Star Wars characters were there to greet them for weekend 1. I’ve got pictures and commentary for you. And we’re just getting started with the excitement!

The Gallery is Open

I’ve added a few albums to the gallery. One features pictures I took when Natasha and I visited MegaCon 2004, the largest sci-fi fantasy event here in Central Florida.

The other, is, of course, our cats. It’s a little adventure they had with a lizard. You can find them via the links on the left, under “Events”.

12/18/2007 – I’ve stopped using Gallery for images, so I’m moving the images originally onto the site into the Simple Viewer plugin. I’ll be adding the images directly to the older posts as quick as I can.

2006.08.28 – I’m finally getting around to updating some of the missing pictures, by moving them to Picasa. Here’s the cat pictures.

I’m going to skip posting the MegaCon pics because, looking back, they weren’t very interesting.