NPR Disputes WebMD on Heart Attacks

After my last post raving about the WebMD article telling me sex and exercise (isn’t one a sub-set of the other, or am I doing it wrong?) would boost my risk of heart attacks slightly, it’s rather interesting to see the way NPR spun the same study.

Infrequent Sex, Exercise May Raise Risk Of Heart Attack

Crank up the Enigma and the Barry White…it’s time to decrease my risk of heart attacks….

WebMD Increases My Risk of a Heart Attack…But Only Slightly

I used to like WebMD. Back in the heady, wild west days of the Internet, I felt like they were a reliable source for health information. So when my insurance plan came bundled with all of these WebMD resources, I thought, “Kewl! I’ll get some extra information resources from a reliable source about health.” HA!

They seem to have lost the journalistic standards that made them one of my favorite sites back in my naive days of starry-eyed Internet newb-ness.

Take for example, one of today’s headlines:

“Exercise, Sex Can Boost Heart Attack Risk”

OMG! I must become a monk, take my vow of celibacy, and sit and meditate in a relaxed position all day!

But wait, read on into the first sentence and you discover that the risk is “small and transient”. Then why report on it?! I guess page views are more important than alarming or confusing people about their health.

More and more I find headlines like that in my RSS feed from WebMD, and more and more when I click on them I find that kind of “World ending! Tune in at 11.” style of journalism. I guess health isn’t science anymore. It’s just a source of pumping out a lot of stories.

It’s enough to give me a heart attack.


Spider-Man in Niagra Falls

Going through some old email archives this weekend and came across an email I had written sending out an article I’d stumbled across about Marvel’s Adventure City at Niagra Falls. Who knew?

A little googling came up with a video of the Spider-man ride from there, which is like some bizarro world craptacular version of the absolutely brilliant ride here at Universal Islands of Adventure. Video below.

My Next Degree…from “LOST” University

Comic-Con coverage of the “LOST” panel starts tomorrow, but in advance, they’ve released some rich and juicy web site goodness in support of the Season 5 BluRay / DVD release. Earn a degree in the themes and mysteries of the show from Lost University. Or watch the classic ABC TV show, Mysteries of the Universe and learn about the hidden agenda behind the Dharma Initiative.

Just watch out for polar bears and black smoke…

“The DM of the Rings” Web Comic

This is a favorite — The DM of the Rings web comic, which tells the epic tale of Lord of the Rings reimagined as a game of Dungeons and Dragons. I laughed very had all the way through it. It’s got elements of the Knights of the Dinner Table strips, which are some of my favorites, and it also reminds me of all the mistakes I have made running role-playing game campaigns over the years. Helms-off to the creator as every strip was a hilarious read.

Disney Adds The Magic of LEDs to the Castle

My wife found a really kewl article about how Walt Disney World Resort is now using environmentally friendly LEDs to light the castle.

From the article:

In the end, Walt Disney World Entertainment replaced a total of 34
arc-source fixtures with 74 five-watt LED fixtures, cutting the total
power requirements by at least 40 percent (in white light) and by as
much as 90 percent or more in a primary color.

I’d really love to move to using LEDs at home, so I wish these CCrane bulbs were a bit cheaper. Ok…a LOT cheaper. But I really like the light quality of LEDs in general, so someday I’m going to switch. I actually paid a premium to use the earliest flourescent lamp bulbs in my living room lamps almost 15 years ago when I bought my house. They lasted until a couple of years ago, just about the time compact fluorescents were starting to catch on. So I’m thinking it’s time to switch over to LEDs since everyone has CFs now….