Adventurers Club Video from the Final Days

Adding more video from the Adventurers Club closing days. Here’s Yvette, the French-Canadian maid, doing her final maid show,  along with the first new member induction ceremony from the final night.

There are some very teary moments in both shows for real fans of the club.

A MAD Gift I Got for Christmas

So, I got a lot of books for Christmas, being a reading nerd, and one of my favorites is “Good Day and Mad” by Dick DeBartolo. Dick is the Giz Wiz, as well as Mad Magazine’s Maddest Writer. He’s been writing for the magazine so long he must have been born writing a satire of his time in the womb.

The book is a remembrance of Bill Gaines, the publisher of MAD, and the amazing way he ran the magazine. It’s really a fascinating journey through what it was like to work for one of the most interesting bosses the world has ever known. I finished the book in about 24 hours, wishing for more, and especially wishing that I could someday get the chance to work somewhere like MAD was in its early days.

The great thing about the book is, although it’s out of print, you can buy it directly from Dick at his web site, or you can get it for making a donation to the Animal Haven Shelter, which is one of Dick’s favorite charities. And you get an autographed copy!

If all that isn’t enough to make you grab a copy, how about Sam Cat’s ringing endorsement. Look how much he was enjoying it!

From 20081225 Christmas Day
From 20081225 Christmas Day

Adventurers Club Hoopla (HOOPLA!) Video

Just added an entire Hoopla (HOOPLA!) to my Adventurers Club video collection on YouTube. This one has some great moments — Hathaway Browne forgets the words to “Happy Wanderer”, Emil sings Jonathan Coulton’s “The Future Soon”, and more…

Video Links:

Happy Wanderer –

Pamelia Perkins sings History Is Made By Stupid People –

Otis T Wren Poison Pigeons –

Emil Bleehall Sings about the Future –

Hoopla Finale –

Enjoy and Kungaloosh!