Steven Page of Barenaked Ladies May Have Drug Charges Dismissed

Looks like Steven Page may be “Off The Hook”, to quote a BNL song title. He appeared in court and the judge offered to dismiss all charges if he seeks treatment and remains drug free.

Good for him. I hope he turns things around. And I’m looking forward to the new BNL album, and also a new Steven Page solo album which seems like it’s in the works.

Facebook Privacy and Security

So I just joined Facebook to keep in touch with several people I know. I had resisted for a long time because I wasn’t sure I really needed another social networking site, and also because I was concerned about privacy and security. Now that I’ve joined up, I wanted to understand the issues and what I should be doing to protect myself online.

There’s a great article on Facebook security on the Sophos web site. Sophos is an anti-virus software maker.

If you’re on Facebook, take a read so you will know how to protect your personal information online. A lot of the initial settings on Facebook are kind of weak to start with, and there are some things that can weaken the security further. For instance, if you have locked down your profile, but you respond to a message from someone, they can briefly see your profile.

Adventurers Club — When You Go

During the final Hoopla, the actor playing Emil Bleehal absolutely brought down the house with his rendition of this Jonathan Coulton song, “When You Go”. It’s a beautiful song, and this was an amazing, deeply heartfelt performance. I’m not ashamed to say my eyes were welling during this song, and still do a bit now. I looked around during the song and I could not find a dry eye anywhere. What a performance!

How much do we fans love the folks in the cast from the Adventurers Club? They were unique, incredible talented, and I can’t wait for when I get to see them all again in starring roles somewhere else.

(You’ll catch at the end of this that Sugar Snapp, the maid, was the next performer up onstage. With this incredible act to follow she was absolutely perfect, performing her fun “Grey Squirrel” song and reminding us how fun and happy a place the Adventurers Club was. I know I’ll miss it because I never, ever had a bad time there. Sugar reminded me of that by bringing me right back up and making me laugh!)