Alton Brown “Serves and Protects”

Great article over on Grist about one of my culinary heroes, Alton Brown, of FoodTV. I’ve really enjoyed all of his shows, but I did find that I sometimes felt guilty that some of his recipes didn’t seem very considerate of environmental issues.

In this profile, you’ll find out that Alton is actually changing his show to really consider these issues and educate people about them. Sounds great, and I will be watching!

Rock Band Deuce!

Yes! Coming soon to the X-Box 360 (and then other platforms later, which I think is really kind of lame, even if I play the game on a 360), Rock Band 2!

I’m really into the drums on the game. I used to be a closet drummer when I was a kid. My parents bought me a couple of drums and a small drum kit when I was a kid. And I got some drumsticks from a musician friend. I beat the heck out of a pillow with them when I didn’t have the drums anymore. I was even one of the toy soldiers in a class Christmas play once, and got to march out drumming and singing:

“We are the toy soldiers, marching and drumming,
The sound of our drums mean Santa is coming.”

So playing drums in Rock Band is really kewl to me. Especially since you can almost get to the point where you are playing a totally real drum set. You could totally sit down at a real drumset and play, though, if you get good enough at the game.

I love the singing part, too. I just can’t imagine getting out of Medium difficulty in that because I can only kind of barely hold a tune, and there are just some rock songs in the game that aren’t really “singing” if you ask me. You really need to have a unique voice to try to match some of the vocal tracks in the game on Hard.

Oddly, I’m not as much into the guitar, even though I’ve been trying to learn how to play a real one. It’s fun, but it just doesn’t hold my interest as much as the drums or singing.

I’d still like to learn how to play guitar badly, though. =)

Things That Make Me Glad I Quit Star Wars Galaxies

This is one of those things that made me glad I gave up on the Star Wars Galaxies online game.

A collectible card game inside an MMO. Look, I know the two are related and the same people are probably interested. I know they probably make a lot of money off the EverQuest one they have. But, really, if they had taken the money they spent on this and hired some decent content developers, I would still be in the game and playing and they wouldn’t just be milking money out of the rather small number of people that still bother to play the game.


Of course, on the plus side, they have appearances by the Max Rebo band.

Max Rebo Band image from Star Wars Wiki

I really need this kewl Max Rebo cake for my birthday…..

Max Rebo rocks the cake

Save the Adventurer’s Club Petition

Disney doesn’t often respond to petitions, but it never hurts to let them know what you think. Someone has started an online petition to save the Adventurer’s Club.

You can sign the petition here.

I’ve actually passed this along to someone I know who is involved with the club, so at the very least, if we can’t save the club, we can the folks there how much we love it, and will miss them!

But, hey, it’s been the Year of a Millions Dreams for a while, and I haven’t gotten much. I think Tinkerbell owes us all one on this one!

“Diablo III” Coming Soon

So the job postings were in fact a hint, Blizzard has announced Diablo III.

Diablo 3 Screenshot

I loved the first Diablo game, and I finished it many times, both online and solo. The second Diablo game kind of made me say, “Meh”. Not that it wasn’t good. It was just, after a couple of hours of clicking on foes to slice them into little bits, I kind of got bored with it. Never actually got all the way through. I might have to give it another go.

Diablo 3 looks much flashier. In fact, you can see some of the cross-pollination between the new D&D 4th Edition Powers and Diablo 3’s special moves.  Everything a character can do looks pretty flashy.

Now, I wonder what this “Next Generation MMO” business on the Blizzard job site is about?