Star Wars Weekends 2008, Weekend 2

Dave Prowse (Darth Vader) and Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) joined us at Star Wars Weekends this weekend. It was great to see Dave at weekends again after a very long absence. And it was great to have these two actors together, so they could tell the wonderful story of how Dave’s decision to play Darth Vader over Chewbacca forever changed movie history.

As Dave tells it, George Lucas let him choose between the roles of Chewbacca or Darth Vader. Dave chose Vader, because, as he explained to George, “You always remember the baddies.” When you think about it, that was a wonderful decision for Dave, since Vader is pretty obviously one of the most loved villains of all time. And it worked out great for Peter, because he was cast in a role he was absolutely perfect for. So on that one decision we got two of the greatest characters in movie history.

Pics are on Picasa:

There are also some great pics over at FieldsEdge.

My LOLCat, Starring Sam and Pumpkin

I created this LOLCat for the SPCA of Central Florida Meow March event.

Sam and Pumpkin search for change.

Sam, the orange cat coming out of the couch, really likes to crawl into our couch as his private retreat when he wants to sleep. We call it his “Sam Cave” (kinda’ like the batcave.) I just had to wait patiently when I knew he would be coming out, to get this pic. Pumpkin is occasionally fascinated with Sam’s spelunking antics and she jumped up right before the shot.

If you live in Central Florida and love animals, the SPCA of Central Florida is a great place to find a friend, and a worthy cause to donate to. We got Sam there, and he’s a great cat. I think he learned a lot of his manners and his affection towards humans from the people at the SPCA.

Nintendo Breaks Out the Legal Ninjas on the Nyko

Nintendo is suing Nyko for making a wireless version of it’s Wii nunchuk controller. It does seem like Nyko must be violating some kind of copyright, because its controller looks EXACTLY like the regular Wii controller. I’m thinking if Nintendo has some kind of patent on the controller design, then Nyko should have probably negotiated a license of some sort before they made theirs.

That said, I’m so tired of whipping myself with the connecting cord when I use both controllers that I really like this idea, and I hope the two companies can come to an accommodation, rather than Nintendo suing Nyko into oblivion. I might need to pick up a couple of these before they totally disappear.

New Proposed Canadian Copyright Law Sucks

So, I can make a copy of my media for every device I own, but NOT if I have to break the encryption placed on it to do it. *SIGH* When will the powers that be in the entertainment industry realize that if they made it simple and cheap for me to move my content around, they could save millions to billions on what they are spending to build walls with giant gaping holes in them. Not to mention the millions they would save wining and dining politicians to write crappy legislation like this.

Why not just write a law that says, “If you purchased it, you can enjoy the content on any device you own. But you can’t give it to anyone else (save for immediate family members, say, as Natasha and I live under the same roof and share media). If we find out you gave something to someone else, or shared it via a P2P network or something, then you owe us.” Seems that simple. Don’t steal content.

Dungeons and Dragons 4E Powers

Really liked this article on 4E Powers, and I really loved this pic from the article of one of their dry-erase power cards. They really ought to market these. (And I’m not just saying that because I am a Hasbro shareholder.)

Dry Erase D&D 4E Power Card

(Image from

Just got my 4E game books today, and I have to say they are the prettiest D&D books ever. I really love the color in them. From the bits and pieces I have read going through them, I’m really excited about the new edition. Seems fast and fun.

I’m a little intimidated by the whole Powers idea, though, trying to figure out how to create a Power for a new monster ought to be very interesting.

World of Warcraft to Get Achievements

As if there weren’t enough OCD disorder creating things in World of Warcraft already, Kotaku is now reporting that the “Wrath of the Lich King” expansion will add an achievement system.

Achievements done well really amp up the level of interest I have in a game. The ones on the screenie look interesting, so I’m looking forward to seeing what this system looks like.

I’m guessing the “Level Without Dying Guy” lines under the achievement names might be some sort of titles, which a lot of people have been asking for in the game. I’d like to see them add something like that, since they took out the PvP title system.