The Microsoft Interactive Table

I actually got to see the Microsoft PlayTable a bit ago, but I wasn’t able to actually talk about it. They finally announced the product officially yesterday, and I found this very kewl video up on YouTube.

I have to say, once in a great while you look at something in the technology world, and it makes total sense. Yes, this is exactly the kind of thing that will make life easier. The PlayTable gave me one of those “seeing into the future” shivers. I can really see walking into a restaurant and making my order via my interactive table. Or using it to work collaboratively with a group of people.

Totally kewl device. Check out the video. And I can’t wait to be able to get one for my living room.


Wired Article Explaining How It Works

The Good Things Video Games Do

I just read this story and its follow up over at the Orange County Register site. It’s an amazingly kewl story about the nice things that Blizzard Entertainment (who make World of Warcraft, one of my favorite games) and the entire World of Warcraft gaming community have done for a young boy with cancer.

After all the muck we see slung about how bad video games are for people, it’s nice to see a positive story about what we gamers all know — the gaming community is a pretty nice place to be.

Can’t wait to take on the quest Ezra created! Sounds really kewl. I hope he gets to create many more quests and content for the Blizzard folks!

A Disney Explanation of Copyright

Ever wonder what all the fuss about copyright is? Well some enterprising creative folks have taken it upon themselves to explain the whole thing using Disney characters. I think this video is hilarious, because it is an explanation of fair use, using things fairly. Or at least I think it’s fairly. I’m not a lawyer. I do work for Disney, but not in any position that deals with copyright law.

Enjoy A Fair(y) Use Tale, by Eric Faden.