1943 Disney Employee Policy Manual

Here’s a fascinating little slice of life from the past — the 1943 Disney Studio Employee Policy manual. This is a fascinating look back at what the world of work was like back then. From women getting more sick days than men, to the illustrations of the male employee leering at all the females in the office, to the government intrusion into the workplace (although remember, Disney Studios was producing patriotic cartoons about the war effort for the government back then).

In a way, one of the most interesting things to see in this is a reflection of our own times — “don’t come to the lot without proper ID”, “be careful or you might be fired for espionage”. It really does bring this mirror image of times when the United States was involved in a war.

George Wants To Read Your Junk Mail (Stop The Madness)

So George Bush has once again overstepped his bounds, again declaring himself emperor of the world and granting himself emergency powers to bypass the very checks and balances our Founding Fathers created to prevent the recreation of the very kind of tyranny he claims to be fighting.

George wants to read your mail without permission.

Personally, I think I’m going to send him a big bag of the crappy catalogs and junk mail offers I get. Maybe even print out some spam. I mean, if the poor guy is that hard up for stuff to read, I figure I ought to make it easy for him.

My Favorite Vacuum Maker Gets A Knighthood

Natasha and I bought a Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner a few years ago and it was one of the best purchases I feel we ever made in terms of quality and value. The vacuum sucks up dust like a black hole sucks up light. The pet attachment that comes with the Pet version is awesome for cleaning the cat furniture (and human furniture that has been claimed by cats).

So it’s good news to me that the inventor, James Dyson, has been awarded a knighthood.