It’s A Healthy World, After All

Looking forward to these changes by the Disney company, to make the food brands associated with the Disney brand healthier.

This is great news to me. I have often joked that living near the Disney theme parks, and working for the company so I can go whenever I want, means I often give in and grab that trans fat laden burger and fries there. (Yeah, yeah, I could order a side of carrots, but the fries are soooo good.) Great news that I’ll be able to get a no trans fat order of fries there in a year.

Wonder if they can make a no trans fat rice cream!

Disneyland Jedi Training Academy on

303 has some great pictures of the Disneyland Resort version of the Jedi Training Academy that started out as an offering for young padawans at the Star Wars Weekends event at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Looks like they have an absolutely incredible set for it. Great to see folks on the West coast getting a chance to take their first steps into a larger world.