World of Warcraft – Cookie Elemental

World of Warcraft Earth Elemental

World of Warcraft Elemental Made of Gingerbread

So, I wanted to enter the World of Warcraft Cookie Contest, sponsored by Intel, that Blizzard Entertainment is running. I put together this wonderful, 3D cookie elemental made out of gingerbread. She rocks (pun intended) doesn’t she?

The bah humbug bummer part of this whole thing is…I can’t enter the contest because I live in Florida, which apparently has some bizarre rules about contests that many companies are not willing to try to hire enough lawyers to disentangle. So you’re seeing the cookie elemental here instead of on the Blizzard site.

Happy Holidays everyone! From me…and Cookie Ellie!

Expedition:EVEREST Preview

Click Here To Play Everest Video

Credits! The music in this video is from Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire soundtrack, a track called “The Leviathan”.

I got a great preview of the Expedition:EVEREST attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom a few weeks ago, and I have been busting to get something on the site about it, because I think it’s an incredible attraction. I haven’t ridden it, but I did get to hear the storyline and see the attraction close-up. I have to say, I think this ride is going to be one of my favorites. The storyline is rich, making the attraction more than just a coaster. It’s got an 80 foot drop, a giant Yeti, and a top speed of around 50 mph, but more than anything it’s got an exciting story that I think will really immerse you in the world of the attraction.

(By the way, a caveat here…I do work for Disney, but I am not in marketing.) =)

You can see pictures I took (after the preview I got, since we weren’t allowed to take any on the backstage tour) in the gallery.

Cranes in our Backyard

Some cranes have decided that our backyard is a yummy place to visit.

Crowd of Sandhill Cranes in our Yard

It’s great to see these Sandhill Cranes co-existing with man in this way, and I hope the relationship is good for them. They are considered a threatened species, but it sounds like they are starting to make a comeback. Any time they want to come in my yard to have a bug buffet is fine by me!

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Buahahaha! Well, this entry may be a little…expired…since Halloween has passed on this year, but better late than never. Natasha and I visited the “Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party” this year at the Magic Kingdom® Theme Park. I was hoping there would be another “Happy Haunts Ball” this year, but no such luck. Still, MNSS is a great party and it was a great show put on by the folks at the Magic Kingdom considering they had to contend with the very real horror of an approaching hurricane that night.

Pumpkin Mickey

I kept thinking that we wouldn’t get to go to the event, and kept checking to see if it was cancelled, but despite the fact that the storm was going to pass close by us, the Disney folks did manage to keep it from being a grave disappointment. All of the characters were out to greet us and the hosts and hostesses filled our sacks with tons of good candy. (To tell the truth, we have come nowhere near finishing all the candy we got yet.)

While it did rain much of the night, we did get to experience both the parade and the INCREDIBLE “Hallo-Wishes” fireworks show. The fireworks show was like sky-painting this year, as they managed to actually paint images in the sky with the bursts. Truly a magical experience!

So, if you get the chance, and you’re not up for the blood-curdling nature of that other Halloween event in Orlando, the MNSS event is great fun for
spooks of all ages!

Pictures in the Gallery!